Party Nails! Nail Art Collab with elleandish // Janelle

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    Party Nails - Nail Art Collaboration with Janelle - (Amazing Nail Artist)

    Party nails! Nail art tutorial for a party.

    In this nail tutorial we combine some trendy sharp lines with classic leopard and zebra animal prints.

    Neon colors add a fun electric feel to this design.

    Although these nail designs might look complicated, they are pretty easy to make, perfect for beginners in nail art.

    Not much is freehand, we use nail art tape, dotting tools, toothpick and nail polish brush to help us with these nail art designs.

    You can easily recreate these nails at home, since I show them step by step.

    For a start paint all nails white.

    I like to do this whenever I am working with neon nail polish.

    Neon colors look way better on top of white.

    I decided to make a trendy party nail art with a sleek triangle down the center of the nails.

    This kind of design is perfect if you have short nails and you would like to visually elongate them.

    To make the lines neat and perfect I am using nail art tape which makes life so much easier!

    On the middle finger I went for a leopard nail art with leopard print in the middle triangle and neon yellow color on the sides.

    For the leopard print I use the nail polish brush to make several pink patches.

    Then I take a toothpick dipped in black and make some brackets and C shapes embracing the spots.

    On the ring finger I decided to go for Zebra nails with Zebra print in the middle triangle.

    I first colored the sides in pink.

    To jazz up the white spike in the middle I am making some cool zebra print with a twist.

    First I am dabbing on some yellow patches with a piece of cosmetic sponge.

    Then I am drawing some curved black lines horizontally across the nail.

    On the thumb we are combining the zebra and the leopard print.

    This will make the whole manicure connected and brought together into colorful zebra and leopard mix and match nails.

    On the pointer and the pinky I decided for a bit different design, but still keeping the big spike theme.

    I colored the entire triangle in black and added two neon dots on top for a very sharp and sleek look.

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