How To Loom Bands Magic Tricks! DIY 6 Magic Tricks with Rubber Band & Unboxing YouTube Play Button

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    Loom Bands Magic Tricks Revealed! You can use any rubber bands to DIY magic tricks, also rainbow loom bands, or regular elastics.

    I've shown these rubber bands magic tricks in my DIY loom bands tutorial and so many wanted to learn how to perform these magic tricks.

    I guess many of you want to be a magician.

    These magic tricks for kids are actually suitable for everyone, kids and adults.

    So in this how to magic tutorial, we'll learn 6 easy, but awesome magic tricks to do at home, at school, basically everywhere to impress your friends:

    - Ripping Rubber Band
    - Jumping Loom Bands
    - Jumping Loom Bands with a twist
    - Vanishing Elastics
    - Rubber Band through thumb
    - Rubber Band Pistol

    All of the magic tricks revealed in this DIY tutorial are very easy to perform, but will surely impress your friends in school or your family! Rainbow loom and loom bands are quite popular at the moment so you should be able to find bands in any shop with toys.

    For some magic tricks it is better to use bigger rubber bands, but for others, regular loom bands work perfectly! Equipped with these tricks you'll learn how to rip, jump, shoot and vanish your loom bands.

    Basically, all the awesome things.

    Further, I also unbox a YouTube play button! Thank you for helping me reach this YouTube milestone! I could have never get this wonderful award without you! Love you!

    Help me translate these rubber bands tricks:

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    Material is either mine, stock footage, YouTube library or public domain.

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