Nail Art in Black and White! Monochrome Nails with MissJenFabulous

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    Black and White Nail Art - Mix and Match nails with MissJenFabulous (

    In this nail tutorial MissJenFabulous and I joined our nail art forces and created mix and match nails.

    I created a monochrome nail art with 5 nail art designs while she made a beautiful colorful mix and match nails with bubbles and butterflies.

    Check her nail tutorial: and subscribe to her channel!

    All 5 black and white nail art designs in this nail tutorial are very easy to make, perfect for nail art beginners.

    These nail art designs look perfect on both long and short nails.

    I show a step by step nail art on how to achieve flowers, polka dots, triangles, yin yang and stripes nails.

    These nails are so simple and easy that everyone can make them at home.

    Even if you don't have professional nail art tools, you can DIY them yourself - instead of a dotting tool you can use a toothpick and instead of a nail art tape you can use a regular tape to create these beautiful nail art stripes.

    To draw perfect nail art lines, I bought a thin painting brush in a craft store and it works great! Further, this nail tutorial is a perfect representation on how to make nail art designs if you own only two nail polishes.

    I combined black and white, but you can use any other two colors to achieve these nails and they will turn out amazing, for sure!

    On thumb and pointer I painted a black background while on ring and pinky finger I created a white background.

    On my middle finger I created a yin yang nail art to combine all the black and white designs into a beautiful mix and match manicure.

    Make 3 dots across the middle of the nail and connect them with a nail art brush.

    Then just color one half of the nail, make two dots on the opposite poles and your yin yang nail design is complete.

    For the classic polka dots nail art make 3 lines of dots across the nail and that's basically it! So easy, but always beautiful nail art.

    Similar with the triangles - just draw a bunch of them on your nail randomly and you'll end up with an awesome nail art design.

    I also show how to make flower nails with only two colors.

    Just dot one color on top of another until you get a perfect flower (make 5 dots in a circle).

    For the stripes nail design, I used a nail art tape and taped it across the nail.

    Then I painted on with a white nail polish, peeled of the tape and ended up with beautiful stripes.

    It's so easy!

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